The province of Belluno covers an area of 3,678 km² with a population of about 215,000, spread out over 69 municipalities.
The province is mainly mountainous with 70% of the mountains in the Veneto region; most of the Dolomite mountain groups are within its boundaries, so it can be considered the quintessential Dolomite province. The Piave river, which crosses it from north to south, is the main water course. These features produce an immense diversity in the variety of landscape and a rich biodiversity of plants and wildlife.
The province of Belluno, with its backdrop of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and overlooked by the grassy hillsides of Valbelluna, is known the world over for its extraordinary and unique, natural, beautiful landscape. It offers an environment that is sometimes wild, but also stunning and evocative. The province is divided by valleys, crisscrossed by rivers and torrents that have shaped the landscape over the centuries, and is perfect for tourist activities linked to the environment: it offers tourists and outdoor enthusiasts lots of opportunities to have fun and relax.

Along with classic hikes in the Dolomites in close contact with rocks sculpted by time, there are long walks and easy paths for a wider public. Adults, families, the elderly and children alike, are presented with an ample choice of ways to spend a holiday break.


Masterpieces by Titian and Brustolon adorn little gems of churches, but the Belluno area is also the birthplace of Ricci and Dino Buzzati. It's worth visiting Cibiana with its wall paintings which tell the history of the town, Pieve di Cadore (the homeland of Titian), San Vito and Cortina. Longarone is not far from Mel. Guides accompany the tourists on a discovery of the places where disaster struck on October 9, 1963, from the dam, intact, to the towns that have been rebuilt. For information, contact the Longarone Tourist Board (0437770119, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
There are lots of thematic museums in the province as well, from the museum for glasses in Pieve di Cadore to the one for nails in Forno di Zoldo which recounts the history of the Val di Zoldo and what was the main industry in the 1900s.
Other attractions involve the many traditional folk exhibitions that are linked throughout the province to festivals celebrating traditions, folklore, patron saints and historical re-enactments, such as the "Sagra dei Fisciòt" in Belluno, the "Palio di Feltre", the "Sagra di San Dordi " in Sovramonte, "La fiera delle Anime" in Arsiè, as well as traditional mountain carnivals in Comelico, Sappada and Fornesighe (Zoldo), or age-old celebrations (linked to the reawakening of nature in Spring), such as "Brusa la Vècia" (in the Belluno area), "Pavaroi" (in Agordino) and "L'Om Selvàrech" (in Rivamonte Agordino).