The Castle of Zumelle rises up on the top of a hill with a sheer drop down to the river Terche. The first centre of a fortified castle in Zumelle dates back to the 1st century AD, in 46-47 AD to be precise, when the Romans were bolstering their influence in Valbelluna. The building was erected where the main part of the castle stands today, in a strategic position for monitoring movement along the Via Claudia Augusta Altinate (or one of its branches). During the Barbaric invasions, the castle became the centre of the local defence system before suffering extensive damage and falling into disuse. A combination of history and legend recounts that the main centre was rebuilt and enlarged by the Goths (the work of Genseric) around 540 AD. Legend has it that Genseric took up residence in the Belluno castle. Legend goes on to tell of two twins, from which the place name Zumelle is derived, who were born from his marriage to the lady-in-waiting, Eudosia.