Guaranteed fun at Zumelle. For everyone, young and old alike.

A tower emerges from the mist of time along with small houses and huts in the shadow of the castle: an active, lively medieval village has been reconstructed at the gates of the castle where visitors are welcomed. As you walk up to the walls, there is a hive of activity. The sound of the blacksmith's hammer blends with the baker's song and the cries of the market seller. A team of archers practises on a target to defend the castle in case of a battle: why not have a go at archery and feel what it was like to be a soldier at the service of the lord of the castle for an hour or so? If not, there is a wide choice of medieval games.
Music and jugglers' acts take centre stage inside the castle. When you visit the castle, make sure you don't miss the ancient crypt and stop off in the "arts and crafts" hall. There are themed workshops based on medieval activities and the history of Zumelle for all ages.

The theme park visit lasts about two hours, , you will see: the medieval village, re-enactments, the tower house with the apothecary's workshop inside, the medieval bedroom, the banquet and the kitchen; you will continue on to the scriptorium, the Church of San Lorenzo, the museum area, the military depot and finish your tour in our medieval shop.